UNATION’s 4 Step Mini-IPO Investment Process


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STEP 1 | Learn about UNATION                      Opportunity

Take the time to learn about the UNATION Opportunity through our UNATION Partners website at www.unationpartners.com. The education process will allow you to completely understand who we are, where were headed and how you can Become a Partner by “Investing Now” in UNATION.

STEP 2 | Provide your information                 Contact Information

Provide us with your basic contact information and a UNATION/Quint Capital Representative will contact you to explain the opportunity and answer any questions you may have regarding an investment in UNATION.

STEP 3 | Open an Investment Account          Paperwork

When you make the commitment to invest, representative will coordinate the electronic paperwork necessary to open an account at Fund America. The more accurate and timely information you supply, the better we will be at processing your Fund America investment account and giving you the best possible client service experience.

STEP 4 | Welcome to our Team                      Support

On-going effective communication along with updated relevant information will help you feel confident that you are part of our Team. We invite you to share the UNATION experience through social awareness and relevant events you create on our platform, further expanding our footprint within your community.

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